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What level of audio production is right for me?
What level of audio production is right for me?

Trying to decide between Standard, Premium, Enhanced, Custom, or Enterprise audio production? We compare each of our services.

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Producing your podcast is a time-intensive process. From choosing the topic and drafting the first outline to recording, editing, mixing, posting, and promoting your podcast, there are a lot of moving parts!

That’s why Resonate exists: to make podcasting easier.

We work with hundreds of podcasters, and every single show is unique. So we’ve created several different levels of service to try to provide an option for every podcaster out there, depending on their specific editing needs.

Each level of service gives your podcast a professional mix and master, giving it that professional sound. But we offer higher levels of service if you want a real person to comb through every second of your episode and remove filler content, if you have additional music and ads and moving parts, or if you have an in-depth storytelling podcast that needs intensive sound-design and scoring.

Our levels of service are priced on a per-episode model, so you don’t ever have to worry about paying for a service you aren’t using. Once you buy an episode credit, you can redeem it whenever you want.

Learn more about our levels of service in this video, and check out the Services page on our site to learn more.

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