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Podcast launch services turnaround times
Podcast launch services turnaround times

Expected turnaround times for our podcast launch services including Artwork design, intro/outro music, hosting/distribution, voiceover

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  • Turnaround times for all services listed below do not include major United States Holidays, weekends, or quarterly Resonate Recordings development days. A notice will be given to clients via email or posted as a notification in the web app for upcoming Holidays and quarterly development days.

  • The Turnaround times listed below are dependent on receiving all necessary materials for production to begin. All pertinent files (recorded and written) and assets must be submitted prior to production beginning on your episode or content.

  • “Business Hours” is defined as Monday through Friday 9 am – 5 pm EST

Creative Content (Artwork, Music, and Voiceover) and Revisions

  • Delivery timelines for all Creative Content services (Basic Artwork, Custom Artwork, Basic Music, Custom Music, and Voiceover) will be based on your correspondence with the Resonate Recordings team through the sales and onboarding process. While we formally request at least 2 weeks (240 business hours for this creative process, we are happy to expedite these processes as we are able when needed. While we cannot guarantee an expedited turnaround on creative content, please speak to a Resonate Recordings representative to learn what options you may have.

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