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Posting your podcast episode
Posting your podcast episode

All things related to posting your episode to your hosting platform or other distribution channels

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Audio Production and Video Production

  • Resonate will post approved episode masters to your hosting platform only when requested to do so by choosing the “Episode Posting” add-on at the time of submission. Posting requests must be clearly requested in the app at the original time of submission or must be clearly indicated as a subsequent comment on the episode comments. You are responsible for providing the posting date and time to the Resonate team prior to posting.

  • Your hosting credentials must be provided to Resonate at least 48 business hours prior to the posting of the first episode. All approved episodes to be posted by Resonate must be approved in the app (by clicking the “Approve” button and then commenting in the episode) by close of business the day before it is scheduled to post. If you do not indicate the episode is approved, Resonate will not post the episode until confirmation of approval is received.

  • Posting approval received outside of normal business hours (9:00 am-5:00 pm EST) will be marked as received at open of business the following business day and will be posted at first availability.

  • Failure to request revisions as noted in these terms of service may result in a delayed turnaround on your revision request

Audio Production and Video Posting Fee

You may request that Resonate assist you in posting your final audio to your hosting platform. Since we provide simple 1-click integrations with several of the most popular hosting platforms, our team is able to help you learn how to use these integrations or we can manually post your episodes for an additional fee of $39/episode. Our current 1-click integrations include Libsyn, PodBean, and Buzzsprout. If you are using Resonate Hosting there is no additional charge for posting your episodes.

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