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Finding analytics and listening stats for your podcast
Finding analytics and listening stats for your podcast

How to know the number of people that have listened to your podcast and episodes

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Your podcast’s analytics and listening statistics are tied directly to your RSS feed, which is established by your podcast hosting platform. Every time someone listens to your podcast on a listening directory (Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, etc.) or podscraper app they are accessing the data from the RSS feed your hosting platform generates. If you are using an embeddable media player for your podcast on your website, this is also linked using the RSS feed from your hosting account.

To track your analytics and listening statistics you will need to log into your hosting account and find the analytics section for you to review. The specific data the hosting platforms provide are generally the same but may vary slightly by the platform. In addition to the general statistics, your hosting platform should provide, additional directory-specific data may be provided. To access these you will have to log into your account within each of those platforms to review the analytics they offer.

If you are using Resonate Hosting you can access your analytics dashboard from inside your podcast dashboard by logging into your account and clicking on the “Hosting” button on the dashboard header.

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