Audio Production

For all audio production service levels (Standard, Premium, Enhanced, Enterprise, Custom and Podcast Audio Trailer), Resonate Recordings will:

  • Download your RAW audio file(s) using your profile in the Resonate app
  • Provide audio production enhancements, including equalization, dynamic balancing, and background noise reduction
  • Raise or lower the overall audio levels in requirement with audio broadcast standards
  • Remove any dead space at the beginning and end of the recording
  • Mix in the pre-recorded intro and outro audio recording
  • Mix the final episode master to high quality MP3
  • Deliver the final episode master in accordance with appropriate turnaround time (see details under turnaround times)
  • Upload your final episode master to the Resonate app
  • Perform all services in a professional manner consistent with the highest industry standards

For Premium, Enhanced, Enterprise, Custom and Podcast Audio Trailer audio production service levels, Resonate Recordings will:

  • Edit out unwanted parts such as false starts, throat clearing, coughs, sneezes, long pauses, heavy breathing, um’s, ah’s, and other accidental sounds or mistakes in the RAW recording
  • Review entire recording and create a smooth flowing conversation so that edits are not noticeable

For Custom audio production service level, Resonate Recordings will:

  • Schedule an initial creative collaboration call with an engineer to clarify the creative vision for the project and learn more about your preferences for music and sound design elements
  • Work with you to develop a production workflow that best matches your specific needs

For Enhanced, Custom, and Podcast Trailer (Audio) production service levels, Resonate recordings will:

  • Work with you to create content built to meet your creative vision
  • Provide you a comprehensive questionnaire or collaborative call to acquire the creative details needed to create your content

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