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Client Responsibility for Audio Production Services
Client Responsibility for Audio Production Services

What's expected of you if you use Resonate's Audio Production Services

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Upon signing up for Resonate Recording’s services, you agree to:

  • Abide by the Terms of Service agreement

  • Familiarize yourself with our Service Details Overview

  • Pay for services before your production begins

  • Collaborate with the Resonate Recordings team to complete your New Client Profile in the Resonate app

  • Set up an onboarding call with Resonate Recordings to ensure you are familiar with Resonate’s production processes and how to share content in the Resonate app

  • Provide clear, written direction about your production as required

Audio Production

For all audio production service levels (Standard, Premium, Enhanced, Enterprise and Podcast Audio Trailer), you agree to:

  • Record your podcast content including intro/outro segments, interviews or narration segments, ads or commercials to be used in your production

  • Upload all of your content (including intro/outro segments, music, dialogue tracks, manuscript or editing document and any other needed files) to the Resonate app prior to Resonate starting your production

  • Upload all audio content in WAV or MP3 formats or with a pre-discussed “session” file type from an audio DAW

  • Reach out to a Resonate team member prior to submitting your content if you are unable to submit the content as requested

  • Upload content that will be used on a regular, recurring basis to your Reusable Assets page in the Resonate app

  • Upload only the content to be used for each episode in each episode’s folder in the Resonate app

  • Clearly label each file submitted in the Resonate app so that it is clear to the Resonate team what each file is (ie: Host Track, Guest Track, Intro, Outro, etc.)

  • Describe the episode layout and production expectations from Resonate and communicate if there are any special instructions for each individual episode in the Resonate app

  • Provide, when possible, a clearly written script, manuscript or written direction for the Resonate team to use for the production of your episode

  • Select the appropriate return date on your episode, understanding that a return time sooner than our standard turnaround time is not guaranteed and will depend on Resonate capacity and will incur an additional rush fee charge

  • Request any revisions to your episode in the Resonate app by leaving clear instructions about the revision required (including timestamps for changes needing to be made) and selecting “Request revision to the episode master” under the comment box

  • Approve each episode in the Resonate app by selecting the “Approve” button under the episode master to finalize the episode’s production and begin the process for any add-on services (such as Show Notes and Social Content)

  • Clearly communicate with the Resonate team if Resonate will be responsible for posting the episode master to your hosting platform after the episode is approved as well as the time and date each episode will need to be posted. *Please keep in mind that there may be a delay from the time the episode is uploaded in the hosting platform and when it is live in each directory

  • Abide by the processes communicated here, knowing that the production of your audio or additional content may be delayed if you do not do so

  • Allow Resonate Recordings to add the necessary additional charges (as they may be incurred) for each episode to your episode invoice and use your stored payment method to satisfy all charges prior to or upon completing each episode

For all Custom production service level, you agree to:

  • Provide clear creative direction to Resonate Recordings for the production of your content, including music and sound design elements to be used in the production process

  • Provide timely review and approval of your content at each stage of the production process before Resonate Recordings will continue your production

  • Allow Resonate Recordings to bill you for all hours spent on your production (or provide you with a monthly invoice if requested) which will need to be satisfied before further production can be completed

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