The auto-renew feature in the Resonate app enables you to automatically renew production credits when your account balance is depleted. At this time this function only supports the auto-renew for audio production credits. To use this feature for your account you can access this in your profile settings.

To enable the auto-renew feature for your account:

  • Log into the Resonate app

  • From your podcast dashboard, click on the “Settings” tab in the header

  • You will be redirected to the “Show Profile” tab of your settings

  • Under “Billing Settings” check the box that says “Automatically renew credits”

  • Choose your “Production Service” level from the dropdown (note that this should default to the service level you originally signed up for)

  • Choose the number of credits for your auto-renew under “Auto-fill”

  • Click the “Update” button

  • Your card should now update with these preferences and you will automatically be billed for the number of credits and service level selected

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