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Completing your podcast profile
Completing your podcast profile

How to update or create the podcast profile for your account

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In most cases, when you sign up for Resonate services an account will automatically be created in our app that will be populated with the basic information about your podcast that you originally provided to our team. If you are completing a self-sign up or need to add to or change the information in your podcast profile you can accomplish this in your profile settings, which can be accessed in 2 ways:

To make changes to the podcast profile from your podcast dashboard:

  • Log into the Resonate app

  • From your podcast dashboard, click on “Podcast Profile” under your podcast artwork on the left

  • You will be redirected to the Podcast Profile page for you to enter or update the basic information about your show

  • Please be sure to hit “Save” within each section to ensure your information is saved accurately

*We recommend that the first time you log into your account that you review and complete your podcast profile. Please note that the more accurate and complete your podcast profile is the better experience you will have with our team and our production process. The information from your profile will help our team serve you best.

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