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Using the reusable assets folder
Using the reusable assets folder

How to use the reusable assets episode on your account

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While most of the interview or narration audio files for your podcast episodes will be different for each episode, it is very common to have intro and outro voiceovers, ads, and music files that will be reused for all episodes. Rather than submitting these items for every episode, each show in your account will have a Reusable Episode Assets folder for you to upload reused content to. You can review or add to your Reusable Episode Assets folder in 2 ways:

From your episodes feed:

  • Log into the Resonate app

  • On your podcast dashboard, the first entry in your episode feed will be the Reusable Episode Assets folder

  • Click on the “Reusable Episode Assets” episode

From your main podcast dashboard:

Once you have accessed the Reusable Assets:

  • You can review, add or delete items from your folder

  • Drag and drop or use the “Browse” feature to locate your files for upload

  • Once uploaded the attachments should populate under the “Files” section

  • To leave specific directions for our team on how to use these items please upload a text doc (Word, Pages, PDF) with appropriate instructions

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