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How to choose a podcast name
How to choose a podcast name

How to decide on and pick a name for your podcast

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Naming your podcast is a critical step in the overall process of launching a successful podcast.

How you name your podcast can have a technical and a social impact on your podcast.

On the technical side, it can impact how your show is discovered within podcast directories like Apple podcasts, SEO on your website, and may even impact the handles you choose on social media or the URL of your podcast website.

On the social side, it can impact what people think your show is about, how likely they are to remember the name, and how they perceive your brand as a whole.

When naming your podcast, we recommend keeping several things in mind:

  • Make sure your title clearly describes what your show is about

  • Don’t include the word “podcast” in the title

  • Do research

Make sure to do some quick research in Apple Podcasts to see if your name is already taken. Try to find a creative way to create a unique name for your show.

  • Check social media and domains for consistency

If you plan to build a full brand around your podcast, we recommend testing the availability of your podcast name on social media and domains to ensure you have a consistent naming structure.

  • Have fun

While it’s technically possible to change the name of your podcast later, it can be a bit of a hassle with some podcast directories. Remember that you’ll be sharing the name of your podcast for a long time, so make it worth repeating. Have fun!

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