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How to write an effective podcast description
How to write an effective podcast description

How to write a podcast description for your episode

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How to write an effective podcast description

Podcast episode descriptions are a critical part of your marketing plan.

Episode descriptions may determine whether the listener downloads or scrolls.

Effective descriptions clearly articulate why people should care about the episode.

We recommend including a quick summary of the topics you discuss within the episode, a brief intro to any guests (where appropriate), and a short explanation of the value listeners will receive from the show.

Some people opt for super short episode descriptions. However, we recommend taking full advantage of the opportunity to persuade listeners to download your episode through a longer description.

Whatever length you end up using, avoid stuffing in keywords. This technique is pretty much universally frowned upon in the world of SEO, both online and in podcast directories.

This is both an art and science. Ultimately, the goal is to write something that connects to your audience. So don’t put too much pressure on yourself to write the perfect description.

Here’s a quick checklist to consider when you’re writing an episode description.

  • Captivate. Make sure each sentence draws the reader in to the next one.

  • Clearly describe your topic with relevant keywords.

  • Avoid keyword stuffing.

Emphasize why the topic matters. Show the value you are offering.

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