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Flagging an episode as incomplete
Flagging an episode as incomplete

When and how to flag an episode as incomplete

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When submitting content to Resonate, there may be a point that you begin an episode that is not ready for production yet. Whether you're waiting for an intro, outro, ad spot, etc. you can notify the Resonate team to hold off on production until the episode is ready.

In the production section of the episode submission page, there is an option to notify the Resonate team to wait for final approval before production begins on your episode.

By checking the box for, "This submission does NOT include everything needed for the episode to be processed," you will be indicating to our team that you are waiting on additional files or final approval for the episode to begin production. You can also leave a note in the comment box below to let Resonate know what you are waiting for.

Once you submit the episode you will notice a banner at the top of the page indicating that the episode has been flagged as incomplete.

You can update the episode once it is ready for production by clicking the, 'Update the episode' link on the banner, or by clicking the 'Edit Episode' button.

Once the episode is updated, it will immediately be put into the production queue to be returned by your service level's turnaround time.

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