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How to leave a comment or request a revision in Resonate
How to leave a comment or request a revision in Resonate

Best practices for leaving comments to the Resonate Team

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On each episode page in Resonate, there is a comment section where you can communicate with the Resonate team during the production process for your episode.

This comment section is ideal for episode-specific questions and updates during the production process on your episode. As of 2022, you can now leave a comment asking for a specific revision. Here’s how it works:

  1. Find the box in the far upper right corner that says “Leave a comment.”

  2. To request a revision, click the button on the right that says “Request Revision.”

  3. To leave a specific comment, click on the left button that says “Comment.”

From there you’ll see all of the possible options you can request a revision on. This may vary from episode to episode based on the assets you purchased for one specific episode. For example, if you purchased audiograms and social cards in addition to your episode master, you might see something like this:

Note: If at all possible, refrain from leaving editing and mixing instructions in the comment section. If you ever need to revise the editing and mixing instructions from your original submission, you can go back by clicking the 'Edit Episode' button and making any necessary changes.

Once your episode master is uploaded, you can leave final notes or instructions to the Resonate team in the comment section, or use the “Request Revision” button (explained above) to request a revision to your episode master.

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