Each completed episode in Resonate is eligible for revision requests. This post will explain how to request a revision to your episode master.

Once your episode master has been uploaded, you can request a revision by leaving a comment to our team in the comment section of the episode page. We recommend being as specific as possible in the revision notes, leaving timestamps when applicable.

In order to make sure your comment gets flagged as a revision, remember to check the box that reads, "Request revision to the episode master."

Once your request is submitted, we'll put your revision in our production queue.

  • Standard, Premium, Enhanced, and Enterprise: up to 72 business hours from the time of revision request in the Resonate app

  • Custom and Podcast Audio Trailer: up to 120+ business hours (from time of revision request in the Resonate app based on the complexity of the request with a 24-48 hour turnaround time.

Familiarize yourself with our revision policy.

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