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Best practices for sharing podcast audiograms
Best practices for sharing podcast audiograms

Audiogram FAQs, best practices for sharing on social media, best dimensions for each social platform, best length for your audiogram

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What is an Audiogram?

An audiogram is a short clip from your podcast (normally an audio clip + a still image + waveform generator) that highlights the key theme or idea of your episode to start a conversation on social media, inform listeners about your new episode, and grow your podcast subscriber count as a whole.

Example of an audiogram with a waveform and caption on screen

Audiograms are a powerful marketing tool because they let your social media audience hear your podcast without ever having to leave the social platforms. But they also provide the potential to push new listeners to your show once they get interested in the content of your episode.

Another common audiogram format is sharing a video clip of your podcast and embedding closed captions on the video (since many social media users watch videos silently). These are sometimes referred to as Videograms by our clients and internally at Resonate.

Videogram example with embedded transcription from a video podcast

What Is the Purpose of an Audiogram?

The direct goal for audiograms is to let your audience know about your latest episode of the podcast so they can download and listen (and subscribe). But the secondary goal is to continue to build podcast brand awareness.

Whether you get new downloads from your audiogram or not, the beauty of these assets is that they immerse your social media audience in your content even before they leave their social media app. So remember that even if you don’t see an immediate uptick in downloads from posting an audiogram, you are still boosting recognition and adding a helpful visual element to your podcast that can go a long way in building your podcast brand awareness.

Where Should I Share My Audiograms?

Audiograms and videograms are primarily designed for sharing across all social media platforms. We recommend sharing your audiogram on as many channels as possible.

  • Instagram

  • Facebook

  • Twitter

  • LinkedIn

  • Snapchat

  • TikTok

  • Reddit

Best Practices for Sharing Audiograms

Sharing an audiogram on social media is an amazing way to build interest in your podcast and boost the number of downloads (and subscribers) for your show. Here are several tips for sharing your audiogram to maximize engagement on social media and to improve the clickthrough rate of actually downloading your episode.

Audiogram Success Checklist

Shared across all social accounts

Eye-catching caption

Smartlink for the episode (Chartable Smartlinks or Plinkhq)

Tag guests, cohosts, and sponsors

3-5 relevant hashtags (Twitter, IG, FB, LinkedIn)

Add geotag of relevant location (IG, Twitter, FB)

How Long Should An Audiogram Be?

Audiograms are like a teaser trailer for an individual episode of your podcast. They ought to pack a punch, be upbeat and engaging, and should align well with the title and topic of your podcast episode (so that you deliver on your ‘promise’ to the listener when they click to download the episode).

We recommend making your audiogram 60 seconds or less in most cases, though some platforms allow longer clips to be shared.

Video length limits for social media platforms

  • Instagram (60 secs)

  • Instagram Story (60 secs, breaks into 15-sec clips)

  • IGTV (10 mins)

  • Facebook (10 mins)

  • Twitter (2 mins)

  • LinkedIn (10 mins)

  • YouTube (15 mins)

  • Tik-Tok (60 secs for in-app videos, longer than 60 secs for uploaded videos)

  • Snapchat Story (60 seconds, unlimited back-to-back videos)

What Aspect Ratio and Dimensions Should An Audiogram Be?

Each social media platform has its own preferred layout for sharing videos and images. But we recommend that our clients use a square audiogram (1:1 aspect ratio with dimensions of 1080x1080) in most cases since this is the best way to create 1 single asset to use across all of your accounts.

Social Stories

Social media stories like Snapchat stories, Instagram Stories, Facebook Stories, and others generally default to a vertical (mobile-first) layout of 9:16, or 1080x1920.

Social Posts

Social media posts on your account feed have a number of different formats. For example, Twitter prefers 1024x512 but Facebook prefers 1200x628, and TikTok prefers 1080x1920.

It’s important to note that while each platform has it’s own “optimal” format, most platforms do accept a wide range of formats. Because there are so many formats preferred by different platforms, our team generally recommends sharing a 1:1 aspect ratio if you plan to use the same asset across all your accounts.

Optimal Video Dimensions for Social Platforms

  • Instagram Feed (1500x1500)

  • Instagram Story (1080x1920)

  • IGTV Cover Photo (420x654)

  • IGTV (1080x1920 or 1920x1080)

  • Twitter (1024x512)

  • Facebook (1280x720)

  • LinkedIn (1200 x 720)

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