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Secure cloud storage for all your RAW podcast files

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Resonate In-App Storage lets you securely back up all the files used to create your podcast in the Resonate app forever.

Get 2TB of secure cloud storage to keep all of your RAW podcast files used to create an episode of your show (RAW audio, interviews, music, editing instructions, etc) in one place forever.

Why offer In-App Storage?

Podcasting takes a lot of files, a lot of memory on your computer, and a lot of organization.

With so many files, it’s easy for audio to get lost, important interviews to be accidentally deleted, not to mention the potential for your hard drive to crash or water to get spilled on your computer.

It’s critical to have a cloud backup of all your podcast files to ensure you can access everything you worked so hard to create.

Archiving podcast files is tedious, time-consuming, and hard work. But it’s important to make sure you preserve the audio files, notes, and videos that you work so hard to create.

Now there’s an easier way to back up your podcast files to the cloud: Resonate in-app storage.

With Resonate In-App Storage, you can upload all your podcast files to Resonate for life and safely store all of your archives in the cloud.

Resonate in-app storage lets you save all of the files you use to create your podcast in Resonate forever.

Resonate in-app storage features:

  • ✅ 2TB secure cloud storage

  • ✅ Share files with your teammates

  • ✅ Save files on each individual episode

  • ✅ Save all your podcast files in one app

☁️ Get 2TB of secure cloud storage for $9.99/mo or $99/yr ($19.88 discount).

If you aren’t interested in this service, no worries. We’ll safely store all the RAW files you upload for our team for 30 days after your episode Master has been completed. After that, your individual RAW files will be automatically deleted. We will never delete your episode master, episode artwork, any remote recording sessions, or files in your reusable assets folder.


Why is Resonate offering this new product?

  • Resonate has historically kept all RAW files that our clients use to create an episode.

  • For some of our clients, this has been a great feature. For others, it presents a security risk as they want to purge their data from our app overtime after episodes have finished the production process. With the introduction of Resonate in-app storage, we can offer 2TB of secure cloud storage to clients who want to keep all of their podcast files in one place, while also offering a free option to purge files automatically for clients who want to clean up their account.

  • Another reason for rolling out this new service is that managing storage for over 2,500 podcasters is expensive. We want to ensure we can maintain a healthy business to continue to serve our clients for the long term.

How much is Resonate in-app storage?

  • $9.99/mo or $99/yr ($119) for 2TB of secure cloud storage

What files will be deleted automatically after 30 days?

  • Deletes all RAW files attached to individual episodes. These are all the individual files you uploaded when you submitted an episode to Resonate. This includes things like RAW audio recordings, RAW video files, word docs with editing instructions, images, etc.

What files will not be deleted automatically after 30 days?

  • Does not delete your episode master (the final copy of your episode)

  • Does not delete podcast hosting files (master episode, episode artwork)

  • Does not delete Remote Recorder files

  • Does not delete any files in your Reusable Assets Folder

  • Does not delete any information in your podcast profile, episode notes, or comments

What happens if I go over 2TB of storage

  • Once you go over 2TB of storage, your storage will not be shut off immediately. You can continue to upload files. However, Resonate will contact you to discuss custom storage options before limiting storage.

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