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How to get a transcription of your episode in 24 hrs
How to get a transcription of your episode in 24 hrs

Learn how to request a podcast transcription with a single click in Resonate

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Transcriptions are a crucial part of making your podcast accessible to the world. They also are great for marketing your podcast, since they make it easier for your superfans to go back and read the episode, find quotes that inspired them, or skim through an episode before they commit to listening.

Transcripts are typically published on a podcast website or in an email newsletter. They're also excellent for crafting social content.

You can get a 99% accurate transcript of your episode in Resonate within 24 hours, in one click. Here's how it works.

2. Navigate to the episode you want to transcribe

3. Click “Request a transcription”

4. Confirm that you want to purchase a transcription. The rate is $1.50/min.

It's important to note that we will transcribe whatever file is your episode master.

Important notes:

  • If your episode master has not been approved yet you can still request a transcription, but we will not create the transcription until after you approve the episode master.

  • If you request a transcription before you approve your episode you will not be charged for your transcription until you have approved your episode master.

  • If you request a transcription before the master has been approved, you can cancel that request for a transcription anytime before you approve your episode master to avoid being charged.

5. Your Transcription is in progress. Check back in 12-24hrs to download your transcript.

6. When your transcript is done, it will be uploaded to the Files section of your episode. You will receive a PDF and .docx format that you can download and share with your audience.

7. Review your transcript for accuracy, then rate your transcript. This helps our team ensure that we are meeting our quality standards so we can keep serving you better.

🎉 That’s it! Now go post your transcript on your podcast website or in your email newsletter.

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