From the dashboard or Episodes page, click the Start Episode button

Complete all required fields under the Episode Details section. Add an episode title, description, and season the way it should appear in Apple Podcasts and Spotify


Under the Production section, leave any special editing and mixing instructions for the production team.

If the submission does not include everything needed for the episode to be processed check the "This submission does NOT include everything needed for the episode to be processed" box. If you check this box, we will not begin production on the episode until you upload all the needed assets for the episode.

Select the date you need the episode back. If you select a date sooner than our normal turnaround time, a rush fee will apply. Please note that rush request does not guarantee that the episode will be back by the requested time.

Select any needed Add-On services for this episode

Click Submit.

Confirm the Add-On or Rush Fee charges

Upload all the files for your episode

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