Thank you for trusting Resonate to help you with your remote recordings! If you have not scheduled your session yet, you can schedule here!

Before you hop on the call, here are some common questions about remote recordings:



Where will the recording take place?

Our default software is, but we can also record on Zoom or Squadcast if requested. If you have a specific site you would like to use, just let us know and we will do our best to accommodate.

What equipment do I need?

We do not require any specific equipment, but for the best sound quality, we do recommend that you join the session with headphones and a USB microphone if available.

Where should I record?

We recommend recording in a small, quiet space with lots of soft surfaces like carpet and furniture. Ensure you have a stable internet connection (hardwired is preferred to wifi).

Who will be on the call with me?

One of Resonate's audio engineers will join the call with you and monitor the recording.

Where do my files go?

If you use Resonate for post-production, all you need to do is create an episode page and we'll upload the audio for you!

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