Resonate Hosting subscribers on the Premium plan have access to the Resonate Hosting microsite feature.

Your podcast microsite is a simple single-page website for your listeners to get an overview of the podcast and then tap subscribe to begin listening.

You can add show notes to each episode and easily share a single link with your audience on social media, in an email newsletter, etc.

What you need to customize your podcast microsite:

  • Podcast artwork

  • Podcast title

  • Podcast description

  • Episode titles and descriptions (you can also add show notes)

  • Apple podcasts URL

  • Google podcasts URL

  • RSS feed URL

How to customize your podcast microsite

  1. Log in to Resonate

  2. From the home screen, tap Podcast Profile

  1. Navigate to "Podcast hosting" and update all info

  1. Navigate to "Podcast microsite" and add links to Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and your RSS feed

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