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Podcast hosting
Podcast hosting

All things Podcast Hosting

How to download your podcast analytics as a CSV file
How to migrate from Resonate podcast hosting to another platform
How to migrate from Buzzsprout to Resonate
How to migrate from Simplecast to Resonate
How to migrate from Anchor to Resonate
How to migrate to Resonate Podcast Hosting
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What is the turnaround time for directory approval?
How to find live episodes for your show
Updating an episode after it has been published with Resonate Hosting
How to submit your podcast to Google podcasts
What directories are included in the hosting + distribution add-on?
Submitting your podcast to TuneIn
How to submit your podcast to Spotify
What podcast directories should I be on?
How to submit your podcast to Apple podcasts
How to add and remove private podcast subscribers
How to format text with HTML for your episode descriptions and show notes (for Premium Hosting accounts)
Private podcasts
How to set up third-party podcast analytics
Post your podcast to Buzzsprout with one click
Post your podcast to Podbean with one click
How to use Dynamic Ad Insertion (DAI)
Post your podcast to Libsyn with one click
How to migrate from Libsyn to Resonate
How to migrate from PodBean to Resonate
Locating an RSS feed on another podcast host
Updating a show's RSS feed
Setting up your podcast with Resonate Hosting
Creating and posting an episode using Resonate Hosting
Posting an episode master using Resonate Hosting
How to delete a podcast episode
Apple podcast tags (Show type, season numbers, episode numbers, and episode type)
How to embed an episode on your website
How to select a podcast category in Resonate Hosting
Customizing the embed player color for your website
Resonate Hosting Podcast Analytics
What is a Resonate Microsite?
Where is the RSS feed for my podcast?
What is an RSS feed?
How to migrate from a self-hosted RSS feed to Resonate
Transferring ownership of a show in Apple
What is a Podcast Hosting Platform
How to submit your podcast to Audible and Amazon Music
Submitting your podcast to iHeartRadio
How do I contact the different listening platforms for direct support?