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How to set up third-party podcast analytics
How to set up third-party podcast analytics

Set up prefix analytics to collect data from your podcast

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Podtrac, Podsights, Chartable, and Blubrry are a few third-party podcast analytics apps that help you track the performance of your podcast.

These apps collect data about your podcast by redirecting traffic to your RSS feed through their servers to collect data such as the number of downloads.

Many hosting companies require you to send an email to their customer service and wait for a response before you can update your RSS feed. Resonate Hosting saves you time by letting you set it up by yourself.

All you have to do is copy/paste the unique URL from your analytics platform, whether that’s Podtrac, Podsights, Chartable, or Blubrry.

1. Log in to Resonate

2. Go to Settings

3. Click on the Hosting tab

4. Paste your URL from the third-party analytics platform (Blubrry, Chartable, Podtrac, etc)

How to remove your analytics prefix

  1. Follow the same steps outlined above

  2. Delete the URL from the Hosting page, click “Save”, and click “Ok” to confirm you want to delete the URL

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