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How to delete a podcast episode
How to delete a podcast episode

How to delete and remove a podcast episode in your Resonate account

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If you want or need to delete an episode from your resonate account you can do so with a few simple steps. Deleting an episode will remove the episode and will not add an episode credit back to your account. If you are deleting an episode before Resonate has provided post-production you can request the episode credit be credited to your account by chatting with our team from your Resonate account. If you use Resonate Hosting and you want to delete an episode, this will remove this episode from all podcast directories and make this episode no longer available to your listeners.

Steps to delete an episode:

1. Login to your Resonate account.

2. Go to the Episodes page

3. Click on Details for the episode you wish to delete

4. Click the Edit Episode button

5. Click Delete this episode at the bottom of the Edit Episode page

6. Enter the word RESONATE in the pop-up box and hit OK to permanently delete the episode

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