Resonate's goal is to create an easier way to podcast for creators of all backgrounds. But we know that we won't always be the right fit for everyone, so we want to help you easily migrate off of Resonate podcast hosting to whatever platform you choose to use.

If there's any way we can keep you as a customer by improving our services or resolving an issue, please contact our support team to let us know!

How to migrate from Resonate to another hosting platform:

1. Set up your other hosting platform following the migration steps listed on their website

2. Make sure your new RSS feed has imported all of your old episodes successfully

3. Log into Resonate

4. Go to Settings > Hosting

5. Copy your new RSS feed from your new hosting platform

6. Paste your new RSS feed into the field “RSS feed redirect”

7. Once you are ready to cancel your Resonate Hosting subscription, you can reach out to the team at

Change your mind? Want to come back to Resonate? No problem!

Just follow the steps below to migrate back to Resonate after setting up a redirection to another hosting platform:

  • Log into Resonate

  • Sign up for Resonate hosting again here

  • Go to Settings > Hosting

  • Delete your current 301 redirection to your old hosting platform

  • Copy your RSS feed from Resonate

  • Log into your new hosting platform

  • Paste your RSS feed from Resonate into the old hosting platform to redirect to Resonate

  • You're all set.

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