Each podcast directory has an independent approval process that will vary in time. Here is a breakdown of the typical turnaround time for the major directories.

  • Spotify - Under 24 hours

  • Stitcher - Under 24 hours

  • TuneIn - Under 48 hours

  • Google Podcasts - Under 48 hours

  • Apple Podcasts - Up to 7 days

Keep in mind that these turnaround times are not definite and they can vary from podcast to podcast. If you need to share your episode at a specific time, we recommend you point your listeners to your Resonate microsite or embed the media player on your website.

If your show is still not showing up in a particular directory after 1 week from submission, we recommend you reach out to that specific directory for support using the contacts below:

APPLE - podcastsupport@apple.com

SPOTIFY - podcaster-support@spotify.com

GOOGLE - google-podcasts-support@google.com

STITCHER - https://stitcher.helpshift.com/a/stitcher-partners/?p=all

TUNEIN - https://help.tunein.com/contact/update-podcast-B1t1cTruf

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