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Posting an episode master using Resonate Hosting
Posting an episode master using Resonate Hosting

How to approve and distribute an episode master to all podcast directories using Resonate Hosting.

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You can easily post an approved episode master from your Resonate account. In this article, we will show you how to publish a completed episode using Resonate Hosting’s one-click episode posting. This post covers how to post an episode that has been processed through Resonate post-production services. If you are posting an episode that has not been processed through Resonate post-production services we recommend you follow the steps in this article.

To publish a finalized episode, follow these steps:

1. Login to your Resonate account.

2. Go to the Episodes page

3. Open the episode you want to publish

4. Make sure the following fields from your original submission are accurate:

  • Title (Episode title that will show up in all directories)

  • Season (Season Number)

  • Number (Episode Number)

  • Type (Episode Type - Full, Bonus, or Trailer)

  • Description (Episode description or summary)

  • "This episode contains explicit content" field

  • Episode Publish Date and Time

You can edit this information at any time by clicking the ‘Edit Episode’ button.

** If the publish date and time from the original submission has already passed, you can click the link to ‘Update the publish date,’ or click the ‘Edit Episode’ button. You can update the future publish date and time. Don't forget to click "Update" at the bottom of the page to save your changes.

5. Once all of the above information is accurate, click the ‘Approve’ button under your episode master.

6. Your podcast will publish at your specified date and time.

Each podcast directory has an independent refresh cycle that will impact when your episode will show up in that particular directory. Though you selected a specific publish date and time in your resonate account, this is not the exact time that episode will show up in each directory. If you need to share your episode at a specific time we recommend you point your listeners to your resonate microsite or embed the media player on your website. In our experience episodes usually, show up in spotify the soonest and apple can typically take the longest. We recommend allowing at least 3-4 hours for your episode to show up in all directories from the time it was posted from your resonate account.

If your episode is still not showing up in a particular directory after 4 hours from the post time in resonate, we recommend you reach out to that specific directory for support using the contacts below:

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