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How to migrate from a self-hosted RSS feed to Resonate
How to migrate from a self-hosted RSS feed to Resonate

Redirect your self-hosted RSS feed to Resonate

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It's important to redirect your current RSS feed to your new Resonate Hosting RSS feed so all of your current subscribers will automatically get your new episodes without having to re-subscribe.

1. Sign up for Resonate Hosting and verify that your Resonate RSS feed is correct.

2. Go to the Resonate feed importer, paste your current RSS feed into the importer, and click “import.”

Not sure how to find the current RSS feed for your show? Learn how to find the current RSS feed for your podcast here.

3. Click “Continue.” It will take a few minutes to migrate your show since Resonate is pulling all of the information for your podcast from your old hosting platform.

4. Your podcast files have migrated to Resonate! Now you need to redirect your self-hosted RSS feed to Resonate.

5. Here are the two ways to redirect your RSS feed:

Ask your website administrator to setup a 301 redirect. Redirect to

Another option is to add the new Resonate Hosting feed to your existing RSS feed using the new-feed-url. To do this, add this new tag beneath the copyright tag in your RSS feed:

6. Test the redirection.

  • Open an incognito window in your web browser

  • Paste your old RSS feed into the browser

  • ✅ You should be redirected to your new RSS feed if everything is correct

7. Update your RSS feed in podcast directories (Apple and Spotify). Now that the show's new RSS feed is set up in Resonate and the old RSS feed is redirected to the new feed, the final step is to update thepodcast directories. Follow this guide toupdate the RSS feed in Apple and Spotify.

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