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How to add and remove private podcast subscribers
How to add and remove private podcast subscribers

Manage subscribers with email invitations and custom RSS feed links

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Private podcasts on Resonate Hosting have the ability to add and remove subscribers from their show if they are using unique subscriber RSS feeds or the private microsite.

If you don’t know what unique subscriber RSS feeds are, or want to learn more about our different methods of private hosting, read this article.

How to add subscribers

1. Log into

2. Navigate to Settings

3. Select your private podcast

4. Navigate to the Subscribers tab

5. Select “Send an Invite”

6. Add the email address of your new subscriber

7. Select Send an email invite from Resonate

If you select this, an email invite will be sent to your guest. If you do not check this box, you will be given a link to copy and share with your guest directly so they can sign up.

How to remove subscribers

If you are using the unique subscriber RSS feeds for your private podcast, you can remove subscribers to prevent them from listening to any future episodes of your podcast.

1. Follow the steps outlined above to navigate to your private podcast Show Settings

2. Click Remove on the RSS feed of your guest next to their name.

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