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How to embed an episode on your website
How to embed an episode on your website

How to embed the media player for your podcast on your website using the Responsive Embed Code or the iFrame Embed Code

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What is an Embed Player?

The Resonate embed player for your show can be placed on your website or anywhere you can embed a media player so listeners can access and listen to the episode using a web browser. Many podcasters want listeners to be able to listen to their episodes directly from their website in addition to all major podcast directories.

For subscribers using the Resonate Embed Player, we offer detailed metrics on every listening session that happens inside the Resonate Player. This dataset includes:

  • session_id — The unique listening session id

  • episode_id — The unique episode id

  • episode_season — Podcast season

  • episode_number — Podcast episode number

  • episodes_title — Episode title

  • total_scrubbed — (seconds) Total duration that was scrubbed over

  • total_pauses — Total number of times the listener paused playback

  • total_seeks — Total number of skips or reverses using the skip and reverse buttons

  • total_scrubs — Total number of times that the listener dragged the handle on the player to skip or rewind

  • total_seeked — (seconds) Total duration that was skipped or reversed

  • total_played_percentage — Percentage of the episode that was played

  • total_played — (seconds) Total number of seconds spent listening

  • total_duration — (seconds) Total duration of an episode

  • platform_os — Operating system where this listening session happened

  • platform_os_version — Version of the OS

  • platform_name — Name of the app (Chrome, Safari, etc)

  • platform_version — Version of the app

  • platform_description — Label for the app where the listening session happened

  • platform_ua — The original user agent string sent by the browser to identify the app where the embed player was used

  • timestamp — A UTC timestamp when the session took place

How to get the Resonate Embed Player on your Website

  1. Click on the Episode tab in the menu bar

  2. Click Details for the episode you wish to embed (The episode must be complete with a master episode file attached)

  3. Scroll to the bottom of the episode page to access the embed code

  4. Click "Copy the embed code"

  5. Select the code you wish to use (Responsive Embed Code is recommended but some websites may require the iFrame Embed Code)

  6. Provide this code to your webmaster or web team or login to the backend of your website and embed the code on the page you want the media player on.

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