We recommend having a new Apple ID created specifically for your podcast. You can create an Apple ID here.

Once your Apple ID is created, you will also need to activate your Apple ID by logging into iTunes with your new Apple ID. To fully activate the account, you will answer a few questions and fill out some information specific to you.

Once activated:

  1. Go to iTunes Connect.

  2. In the My Podcasts Tab, you will Add a New Feed.

  3. Locate your RSS Feed on your hosting site.

For shows subscribed to Resonate Hosting, an RSS feed is unlocked. Follow these steps to copy the RSS feed.

  1. Login to Resonate.

  2. On the home screen, you should see an "RSS Feed" link.

  3. Tap that link and your show's RSS Feed will open in a new tab.

  4. Copy the link in the URL bar.

Once you have your RSS Feed, you will connect the RSS Feed with iTunes Connect.

  1. Paste the RSS Feed URL into the box above in iTunes Connect.

  2. Click Validate.

  3. If there are not any issues with the Feed, you can click Submit.

  4. It takes about 1 week for a podcast to be live on Apple Podcasts once submitted.

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