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How to migrate to Resonate Podcast Hosting
How to migrate to Resonate Podcast Hosting

Simplify your podcast workflow by switching to Resonate

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Resonate Podcast Hosting lets you distribute your podcast to the world in the same app you use for creating your podcast.

Why switch to Resonate podcast hosting?

All-in-one solution - Get everything you need to create a professional podcast in one app: A Remote Recorder, Writing, Post-Production Services, Cloud Storage, Podcast Hosting, and Marketing with one login.

Detailed analytics - Track the growth of downloads, top episodes, where listeners are from, where your audience listens, and granular insights from the Resonate embed player.

Unlimited benefits - Get unlimited downloads, unlimited episodes, and unlimited team users for managing your podcast.

How to switch to Resonate Podcast Hosting

Migrating is easy and only takes about 10 minutes. Let’s get started!

1. Sign up for a 14-day free trial of Resonate Hosting and verify that your Resonate RSS feed is correct. You will be billed after 14 days. Cancel anytime by contacting our support team.

2. Go to the Resonate Feed Importer, paste your current RSS feed into the importer, and click “import.”

Import your podcast RSS feed to Resonate

Not sure how to find the current RSS feed for your show? Learn how to find the current RSS feed for your podcast here.

3. Click “Continue.”

It will take a few minutes to migrate your show since Resonate is pulling all of the information for your podcast from your old hosting platform.

4. Your podcast files have migrated to Resonate! Now you need to redirect your RSS feed from your old host (ex: Anchor) to Resonate.

5. Redirect your old RSS feed to Resonate. Log into your old hosting platform and paste the URL of your new Resonate RSS feed. Follow the instructions in the articles below.

6. Update your RSS feed in podcast directories. Now that the show's new RSS feed is set up in Resonate and the old RSS feed is redirected to the new feed, the final step is to update the podcast directories. Follow this guide to update the RSS feed in Apple and Spotify.

7. You’re all set.

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The podcast directories (Apple, etc) will start pulling information from your new RSS feed after they refresh and see the redirection from your old hosting platform. Your show will be live on directories the entire time, so your listeners won’t notice any changes.

Ready to take the next step? Learn how to create and publish the next episode of your podcast.

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