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How to find live episodes for your show
How to find live episodes for your show
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Once your episode has been published for a particular day, it still may take a little bit of time for it to show up on the various platforms.

If you are using Resonate Hosting, you will set the Date and Time for your Episode to Publish. This is when it is published on your Hosting site. (Check out this article here on how to post your episode through Resonate Hosting.)

Once each platform refreshes their pages, you should see your newest episode appearing live throughout the day.

Your show will not be live on all of the platforms immediately so do not worry if you are not seeing the episode. It should appear throughout the day. If you want, you can even schedule your episode to publish around midnight prior to when you want it to be live. This can provide even more buffer time for the sites to refresh.

You can always to a quick search on each platform to check in on the episode's status.

You will want to check on:

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