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How to download your podcast analytics as a CSV file
How to download your podcast analytics as a CSV file

Download your podcast analytics to create visualizations or share data with others

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You can now download a CSV file of all your analytics in Resonate Hosting. You can then import these files into tools like Google Sheets, Google Data Studio, Tableau Public, and Infogram to create new customized charts on Google Sheet.

For example, if you want to see a pie chart that shows where listeners tune into your show, you can simply download a CSV of your Top Listening Apps and then create a new visualization in a tool like Google Data Studio.

Follow the steps below to download your data and get started today.

1. Log into your Resonate account here.

2. Go to the Hosting page

3. Update the date range to change your data results

4. Click the download icon next to the specific section you want to download

5. Rename your file and click “Save” to download

6. You’re all set. Take your CSV and share it with others, create new visualizations, or store a copy for your archives.

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