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Post your podcast to Libsyn with one click
Post your podcast to Libsyn with one click

How to use the Resonate Libsyn integration to post your episode to your Libsyn hosting account

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Resonate has been the one-stop-shop for podcast production since 2014. If you decide not to host your podcast through Resonate Hosting, you can sync up your Resonate account with your Libsyn hosting account for easy posting.

Here’s a breakdown of the features and how to use the Resonate/Libsyn Integration

One-Click Posting to Libsyn

Using this integration, you can directly publish the final master recording of your podcast to Libsyn with a single click.

How to Set Up One-Click Posting to Libsyn:

  1. Open your latest podcast episode

  2. Follow the link to “show settings” to connect your podcast host

  3. Click on “Libsyn” to connect your account

  4. Log in to your Libsyn account and approve access for the Resonate app

  5. Post your episode with one click

Watch this tutorial video to learn how to set up the one-click posting today!

We Need Your Help

Head over to your account to connect your Libsyn account if you are a Libsyn customer. If you decide you want to migrate your hosting from Libsyn to a faster podcast hosting platform, Resonate Hosting, you can get a free 45-day trial when you migrate over. Click here to get started!

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