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How to format text with HTML for your episode descriptions and show notes (for Premium Hosting accounts)
How to format text with HTML for your episode descriptions and show notes (for Premium Hosting accounts)

How to easily add HTML formatting to your episode descriptions and Resonate Microsite (for Premium Hosting Accounts)

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If you are using Resonate's Premium Hosting, you will get a Microsite for your podcast.

We now allow for Show Notes to be featured on your Resonate Microsite. This feature will only be for PREMIUM HOSTING clients for the Microsite. All hosting clients can use HTML formatting in their episode descriptions.

Show Notes for PREMIUM HOSTING clients for the Microsite:
In your Edit Episode Section of a particular episode, you will see an area where you can copy and paste your show notes.

Show notes will only appear on the Resonate Hosting Microsite, but the notes can be as long as you want. This field supports basic html formatting.

How to style show notes and episode descriptions for podcast apps with Basic HTML

How do you make your episode description in podcast apps (Apple, Google, Spotify) or show notes on your podcast microsite look excellent? It’s a common question. Podcasters often upload long descriptions to their episode only to find out it looks like one giant blob of text. Other times they try to add links but it doesn’t work.

The solution? Use some basic HTML formatting to style your content with hyperlinks, spaces, lists, and more.

You can style your podcast show notes in Resonate (bold text, add hyperlinks, add spaces for paragraphs, etc) using basic HTML. Don’t worry, this is super easy. We’ll walk you step-by-step through the process below.

How to style your episode descriptions and show notes

  1. Type out your show notes or episode description and add all the formatting you want to include.

Podcast apps like Apple and Spotify only accept some HTML, so review this article for more info on the best way to format your show notes. Most importantly, don’t use bold or italics. They aren’t accepted on all the major apps.

3. Click “Edit HTML source code.”

4. Copy the HTML

5. Log into and paste the HTML into your episode description or Show Notes, depending on where you want this HTML to apply.

6. Check the formatting on podcast apps like Google, Spotify, and Apple.

After you publish or update your content and the podcast apps refresh, you will see your description appear with proper formatting.

6. Check the formatting in your show notes on your Resonate podcast microsite or RSS Feed link.

Changes to your show notes within your Podcast Profile should go live effective immediately.

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