If you are using Resonate's Premium Hosting, you will get a Microsite for your podcast.

We now allow for Show Notes to be featured on your Resonate Microsite.

In your Edit Episode Section of a particular episode, you will see an area where you can copy and paste your show notes.

Show notes will only appear on the Resonate Hosting Microsite, but the notes can be as long as you want. This field supports basic html formatting.

How to style show notes with HTML

You can style your podcast show notes in Resonate (bold text, add hyperlinks, add spaces for paragraphs, etc) using basic HTML.

Don’t worry, this is super easy once you learn the basics. We’ll walk you step-by-step through the process below.

How to style your show notes

1. Go to codepen.io and click “Start Coding” to format your show notes

2. Paste your show notes into the HTML editor section

Codepen is a great tool for editing your show notes as HTML because you will be able to see the changes you are making in real-time. Once you have made all the edits to your show notes, you can just copy and paste your formatted show notes into Resonate under the “Edit Episode” section of your episode.

3. How to add paragraphs

<p>This is a paragraph.</p>

Add <p> before and </p> after text that you want to include in a single paragraph. If you want to create a space between paragraphs this is the way to do that.

4. How to bold text

<b>Bold text</b>

Add <b> before and </b> after the text you want to bold. <b>The text inside this section will be bold.</b>

5. How to italicize text

<i>Italic text</i>

Add <i> before and add</i> the text you want to italicize. <i>The text inside this section</i> will be italicized.

6. How to add hyperlinks

<a href="url">link text</a>

The hyperlink code has two sections:

  1. “Url”

  2. anchor text

To hyperlink text in your show notes, just paste in your URL and anchor text to the following code: <a href="url">link text</a>.

7. Copy/paste your styled show notes from Codepen into Resonate in the “Show Notes” section

Congrats, now you know the basics of HTML. You can learn more about how to use HTML to format your show notes at W3School here.

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