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Changing a Podcast’s Name After the Show is Live
Changing a Podcast’s Name After the Show is Live
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This article outlines some of the details to consider if you would like to change the name of your podcast once it is already live. We will outline the steps to take if you are using Resonate's Hosting Platform. If you are not using the Resonate Hosting Platform, we recommend contacting your Hosting provider.

You can update the name of your show in the Podcast Directories Page (found in your Podcast Profile) and it should push out to the platforms automatically.

That being said, there are a few platforms that seem to have a lag time like TuneIn that may need to be reached out to individually to make sure they update their page(s).

You will also want to update the episode cover art and replace the existing one in your Resonate Profile Settings. Again, this should update on the various platforms, but it is best to keep an eye out if some platforms have a lag time.

Other items that may need to be updated:

  • The name of the website

  • The Public Email address being used

  • The name of the Show Slug/RSS Feed

The name of your RSS Feed typically includes the original show name at the end of the feed. (This is called the show slug.)

If the name of the slug is updated with a new title, it will change the RSS feed.

Unfortunately, by changing the slug/RSS Feed, you will lose the backlogged analytics for your show.

We recommend at least downloading your show's Embed Player Analytics and saving a screenshot of your analytics prior to updating your show's slug.

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