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How to save an episode submission as a draft
How to save an episode submission as a draft

Waiting for some final files? Save episodes as a draft in Resonate when you aren't ready to submit them for production

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Many podcasters that work with Resonate upload 90% of the content for their episodes when they first submit something to our team. But in order for our engineers to begin mixing and mastering a podcast, they need all of the assets (audio files, instructions, docs, etc).

Until now, you had to upload an episode individually, then go back and edit it. This meant our team would spend time reviewing your submission only to find out that you aren't actually ready for us to get to work yet.

Now there's an easier way. Anytime you submit an episode in production at Resonate you can choose to save as draft or submit.

If you click save as draft your content will be uploaded to Resonate, but our team will not be notified.

If you click submit, then our team will be notified and we will begin the production process which includes:

  • Reviewing your submission

  • producing your episode

  • Uploading the master files for your review

  • Getting your approval

How it works:

2. Click "Start episode"

3. Select the episode credit you wish to use (ex: Premium audio, custom audio, basic video, etc)

4. Fill out as much (or as little) information as you have available

5. Click "Save as draft" at the bottom of the page

6. Ready to finish your draft and submit? Navigate to the episode that is in draft mode

7. Click on "update my episode" to finish submitting your episode.

8. Fill out your episode completely for our team

9. Click "Submit" to send it to our team or click "update draft" if you still aren't ready to submit a new episode.

πŸŽ‰ You're all set! Once you submit everything to our team we will begin the production process. Happy podcasting!


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